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Embark on a life changing and career enhancing experience! These days the choice of undergraduate programme is extensive. As you seek out which programme is the best for you, it is important to choose the one that meets not only your professional goals and personal aspirations but the one that delivers to you as an individual. It is not just about what the degree can bring to your career, it is the about the new thinking and skills that you learn and how they can broaden your horizons.

The undergraduate programme offered at Jain College, Jamshedpur is an intense and rewarding experience. They are challenging, stimulating and relevant. In many instances, they are life changing. Embark on any undergraduate programme of Jain College, Jamshedpur and you will encounter an enriching experience that will shape your decisions and actions throughout your life.

Welcome to Jain College, Jamshedpur

Dr. R. Chenraj Jain
Founder Chairman - The JGI Group

Headquartered in Bangalore, The JGI represents a cluster of 90 vibrant educational establishments. In 23 years, the Group has grown to serve over 35000 students and 3200 staff members engaged at P-12 (Pre-School to Grade 12), undergraduate and post graduate levels across 53 centers of excellence. The JGI revolution of learning has been distinct from the stereotyped versions. Through innovations, we have been employing entrepreneurship in the dispersion of education; a concept JGI has termed ‘Edupreneurship’. This is evident from its pioneering institutions emerging with ever increasing constancy and quality.

Dr. Chenraj Roychand
Best described as a man of vision and integrity, he has, for 23 eventful years, witnessed the laying of every brick, in the emergence of JGI.

Dr. Chenraj Roychand exemplifies the principles of truth, peace and love. His presence instills awe and admiration among his students. His versatile personality takes in the professionalism of his working life, the affection for his family and friends and the idealism of principle and intuition.

Dr. Chenraj Roychand laid the foundation of an illustrious institution in the form of Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College at V.V. Puram in 1990 and since then has never looked back. His single-handed perseverance has culminated institutions of unparalleled stature in terms of infrastructure and personnel. Besides initiating courses in Science, Commerce, Sports and Business Management the institutes provide holistic education by supplementing university curriculum with regular sessions on Personality Development, Time Management, Stress Management, Memory Techniques, Transactional Analysis, Goal Setting, Communication and Presentation Skills among others; many of which are conducted by himself. Today, Jain Group of Institutions stands with 85 institutions, 45000 students, around 4500 people toiling to work for his vision and offering more than 65 programmes.

His oratory skills, charismatic presence & magnetic persona have made him a much sought after counsellor and adviser. Dr. Chenraj Roychand continues to be the guiding light for innumerable individuals looking for assistance, in everything from education & careers to business.

Dr. Chenraj is a person whose life centers on the attainment of a purpose. And with the kind of responsibility he has taken upon himself, every accomplishment, no matter how great, continually points towards even greater realizations. So, apparently, for him, every moment of silent contemplation is one of tacit restlessness.

Jain College – Jamshedpur

Jain College, Jamshedpur offers graduation programmes affiliated to Kolhan University, Jharkhand. It confirms with the expertise and strict standards of the Jain Group of Institutions, Bangalore which has set up remarkable benchmarks in the education sector of our country. At Jain College we aim to provide result-oriented education that extends beyond theories and conceptual understanding to practical application. Value added programmes along with the regular curriculum give our students an extra edge over others.

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